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Childcare Neglect

and Death

Federal Criminal Defense North Carolina and South Carolina

Childcare Neglect and Death Defense

The total number of childhood injuries and childhood incidents that result in death are a leading concern for parents and caregivers today. At The Snow Legal Group we understand the difficulty and pain associated with seeing a child injured whether it be a simple bruise or bite or a life altering death due to the negligence of child day care provider. Attorney Snow will work closely with you to ensure that your loved one is a continual priority. The requirements of a day care facility or independent day care provider are long reaching.

The laws acknowledge the need to keep our children safe and happy. The Snow Legal team is here to kindly and thoroughly discuss your matter and initiate a fight for justice for your child that may have been harmed, severely injured or lost his/her life at the hands of an entrusted day care provider.

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