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Child Abuse Criminal Defense North Carolina and South Carolina

Child Abuse Criminal Defense

Child abuse allegations are one of the most emotionally charged crimes that a person can face. As Charlotte criminal defense attorneys, Snow Legal are often asked to represent people accused of crimes that evoke strong reactions from the public. Whether our clients are guilty or not is irrelevant – it is our duty to protect the legal rights that they are afforded under U.S. law. Unfortunately, in the court of public opinion, a child abuse allegation can damage your livelihood and your reputation. Snow Legal Charlotte Child Abuse attorneys understand that speculation does not equal guilt, and the presumption of innocence is crucial until proven otherwise.

If you’re facing a child abuse charge in North Carolina, click here to speak to an experienced Charlotte criminal defense lawyer immediately. Seeking the advice of a professional will not make you look guilty — but accidentally incriminating yourself during questioning could.

Child Abuse Charges in North Carolina

 According to North Carolina law, the type of child abuse charge you could face depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident, as well as the extent of injury that the child has purportedly suffered.

Even details that appear minor could be crucial in determining the child abuse charge you face. Seeking the advice of an experienced Charlotte criminal defense attorney is imperative to the success of your case. If you’re arrested for child abuse in North Carolina, you could face the following charges:



Misdemeanor Child Abuse in North Carolina

Misdemeanor child abuse is a class A1 misdemeanor and is defined as deliberately inflicting or allowing physical injury, or creating or allowing a substantial risk of bodily injury upon a child.

It is important to note that the prosecution does not have to prove that the child in question actually suffered an injury — simply leaving a child in a situation where physical injury could occur can warrant a misdemeanor child abuse charge. This includes leaving your child unattended, even for a few moments.

Unfortunately, a law that was created to protect the most vulnerable in our society can sometimes tear families apart. This is because North Carolina law states that any person who suspects child abuse or neglect is occurring, must report it to the local Department of Social Services — resulting in many innocent parents and caregivers being reported for child abuse.

Felony Child Abuse In North Carolina

Felony child abuse can fall under several severe charges in North Carolina and includes:

Child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury or mental or emotional injury in North Carolina is a class B2 felony in which the prosecution must prove that you intentionally caused serious bodily injury or permanent loss or impairment of the mental or emotional function of a child.
Child abuse caused by a willful act or grossly negligent omission in North Carolina can result due to an intentional or grossly negligent failure that portrayed “a reckless disregard for human life.”
Child abuse inflicting serious physical injury in North Carolina is a class D felony in which the prosecution must prove you intentionally inflicted serious bodily injury on a child. “Serious physical injury” can be defined as any physical injury that caused great pain and suffering, including mental injury.
Child abuse by prostitution in North Carolina is a class D felony, and the prosecution must show that you committed, permitted, or encouraged an act of prostitution with or by a child.

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor child abuse charge in North Carolina, you could face up to 150 days in prison. If you are convicted of a felony child abuse charge in North Carolina, you could face up to 389 months in prison. With such lengthy possible sentences, it is crucial that you speak to an experienced Charlotte child abuse attorney if you’re facing a charge of child abuse.



Why Is It Important To Hire A Charlotte Child Abuse Lawyer?

Naturally, we should all understand that the protection of children in society is paramount. Unfortunately, in such cases, sometimes high emotions can cloud our judgment and impact a presumption of innocence. Child abuse cases require a sophisticated understanding of the legal process, as well as a skilled criminal defense trial attorney.

If you are being investigated on a charge of child abuse, do not discuss it with anyone apart from your lawyer, even if you are completely innocent. It is easy to accidentally incriminate yourself when talking about events with law enforcement or child protective services. Speak to a Charlotte child abuse lawyer today for a free and confidential consultation — we carefully listen to our client’s situation and strategically devise the best plan of action for their individual case.



Why Choose The Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers at Snow Legal?

No case is without hope, even offenses involving children. First offenders may even be eligible for a dismissal of their charges, as long as they take proactive steps to show they are dedicated to safe parenting, such as attending counseling or parenting classes. Our Charlotte child abuse lawyers understand that every case is different, but we are dedicated to exploring all available option, to secure the best outcome for our clients. Click here to speak to an experienced Charlotte criminal defense attorney now for a complimentary discussion about your case.



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