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Armed Robbery Defense North Carolina and South Carolina

Armed Roberry Defense

According to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, the rate of violent crime increased by 5.2% statewide in the past year alone. Armed robbery is a severely punished crime in North Carolina, due to the physical and emotional toll; it takes on its victims. If you’re currently being investigated for armed robbery, or have been charged, click here to speak to a Charlotte armed robbery attorney now. We have experienced criminal defense attorneys waiting to fight your case and protect your legal rights.

Armed Robbery Charges in North Carolina

Armed robbery is considered a violent theft offense, and is defined as a person threatening to use, or using a firearm, while illegally taking or attempting to take personal property from another person, a business, a bank, or any other place.

Due to the ambiguity and broad nature of law, law enforcement could charge you with armed robbery even if you didn’t use a firearm but merely had on in your possession. Even if you don’t physically commit armed robbery, but instead aid and abet another person while they do, you could still face the charge of armed robbery.

In North Carolina, armed robbery is a Class D felony. This means that you could face anywhere from 64 months to 80-months in prison —if you don’t already have a previous criminal record.

Building A Defense Against Armed Robbery in North Carolina

To build the strongest defense against a charge of armed robbery, you must retain an experienced Charlotte criminal defense lawyer. Snow Legal has dedicated armed robbery defense attorneys who will take the time to review the details of your case carefully, as well as any evidence against you so that we can build a strategic and effective defense.

Possible defenses against armed robbery include, but are not limited to:


Challenging unreliable or inaccurate witness statements that may falsely incriminate you.


Securing evidence of any alibis you may have that prove you were not present at the site of the crime.


Proving lack of a deadly weapon, for instance, you may have used you replica weapon or a firearm that was not capable of firing.


Proving coercion, for example, if you were threatened to commit the robbery.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Charlotte Armed Robbery Lawyer?

A skilled Charlotte armed robbery attorney can prepare a strategic defense for you that could lead to an acquittal or minimize the charges the armed robbery charged brought against you. If possible, an experienced criminal defense attorney can also negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor on your behalf.

Being convicted of an armed robbery leaves you with a permanent criminal record and the lasting effects of a felony. Your reputation and your freedom are at risk of ruin if you do not secure adequate legal representation against an armed robbery charge.

Why Choose The Charlotte Armed Robbery Lawyers at Snow Legal?

As a knowledgeable Charlotte criminal defense law firm, we have successfully represented hundreds of clients throughout the state of North Carolina. We aim to thoroughly exhaust all legal possibilities on your behalf, to try and have your charges dropped, or reduced. Our diligent and skilled trial attorneys will advocate for your best interests throughout every step of the legal process so that you never feel alone. In cases of armed robbery, you must act quickly.

Snow Legal has an esteemed history of fighting tirelessly for our clients. If you or a loved one is facing an armed robbery charge in Charlotte or throughout North Carolina, contact us today to ensure that a seasoned criminal defense attorney is working for you.



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