Car Accidents

North Carolina and South Carolina

Car Accidents

INJURED IN A CAR ACCIDENT? The Snow Legal Group will take the time to understand what you want and need from the legal system. If you are looking for an attorney that will fight for maximum compensation or a timely settlement that enables you to move on look no further. Attorney Snow and his team will advise, engage, and exhaust all legal remedies while fighting for you and your loved ones against the negligent party associated with your injuries.

Typical Auto Accidents:
Hit-and-run causing injury and damage
Injuries arising from a drunk driver
Pedestrian accidents involving a vehicle
Motorcycle accidents involving injury

Automobile Accidents
Did you know that on average people who hire an attorney for an auto accident or truck accident after they have been injured in a vehicle are three times more likely to obtain a higher settlement than those that do not hire an attorney? Insurance companies are in place to protect their company and their insured without spending money outside of covered costs. Insurance companies will do their best to frustrate you with a minimal offer by requesting endless amounts of paperwork, waiting on hold to speak to a representative or fighting with trained accident specialists. Many people do not have the time to deal with hours and hours of waiting and collections of documents requested by the carrier. Experienced car accident lawyers can work around insurance company delay tactics that are used to discourage you from pursing a claim. Our Firm will use it many years of experience and expert litigation skills to maximize your case. Most accidents that occur are of no fault of your own. Our attorneys will work hard for your rights, coverage, care, replacement of vehicle and future care to mention a few. We will do all of the heavy lifting so you may heal from the series of events. Our goal is to put you and your loved ones in a position to regain your daily routine and get back to enjoying life. Your main role in this process is to get better. Our attorneys and caring staff will work diligently to get the compensation you deserve.

Most common types of auto accidents:
Single car accidents
Vehicle rollover
Rear-end collision
Side-impact collision
Head-on collision

At The Snow Legal Group, PLLC we understand how devastating and life altering a car accident can be. We want to help you through the accident and ease your burden. Our goal is to take care of your car accident while you take care of yourself. Our Firm is dedicated and highly skilled accident attorneys who have more than 20-years of experience working with crash victims and their loved ones throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

Many personal injury cases across North Carolina and South Carolina may be resolved through a settlement. This is especially true if the liability is clear and no dispute is apparent by the insurance company or at fault driver. We work to make sure that the legal responsibility of the person that harmed you is held accountable for the interruption in your life. Your goal should be to reach the maximum value of your case. In order to reach a settlement with the insurance company it is necessary to collect all medical records, medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses such as co-pays, medication needs or even changes to your home to accommodate your needs during recovery or in the future. This allows our Firm the ability to provide a detailed accounting of expenses that is considered in the settlement negotiations.

Our office will make a “demand” for your medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering. The information gathered from you, the police accident report and medical treatment is required so that we may support the amount of compensation you are seeking. Allowing an experience attorney to handle this matter gives you the peace of mind that you have avoided pitfalls that may harm your case’ As you will see when going through the “personal injury claim process”, the knowledge, skills and resources of an experienced North Carolina or South Carolina personal injury lawyer can play an invaluable part in the outcome of your case.