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Human trafficking and sex trafficking has received increasingly more attention in the U.S. over the last few years. Unsurprisingly, human trafficking is a poignant priority for both state and federal law enforcement. Investigations often include many man-hours and unlimited financial support in order to pursue successful convictions. If you're facing human trafficking charges in North Carolina, click here speak to a Charlotte Human Trafficking Lawyer now, and start building your defense.

What Is Human Trafficking in North Carolina?

Human trafficking is a felony in North Carolina and is defined as the coercion, deception, involuntary servitude, minor status, or sexual servitude of another person. Trafficking an adult is a Class F felony; however, trafficking a child is a Class C felony.

In the case of human trafficking, coercion includes, but is not limited to, threatening, blackmailing, physically restraining, or drugging the victim. Deception includes making the victim believe a false story or fact, deliberately keeping the victim in debt to another, and making false promises to the victim.

Human Trafficking Charges in North Carolina

If you're currently under investigation for human trafficking, the criminal charges you could face are severe, and include, but are not limited to:
● Human trafficking
● Kidnapping
● The exploitation of a minor
● Prostitution and pimping
● Involuntary servitude
● Sale into involuntary servitude
● Unlawful sale, surrender or purchase of a minor
● Conspiracy

In human trafficking cases, it is common to be charged with multicount felony charges, making the need for a knowledgable Charlotte criminal defense lawyer even greater.

If you're under investigation for human trafficking - or you've been charged - it is crucial that you get an experienced Charlotte criminal defense attorney on your side. The sentences for human trafficking almost always involve a lengthy prison sentence, so don't leave your defense up to just anyone — call Snow Legal today for a free and confidential discussion about your case.

Why Do You Need A Charlotte Human Trafficking Lawyer?

Unfortunately, when unsuspecting people get caught up in human trafficking, they have to face the consequences. Even if you had no idea you were engaging in a human trafficking operation, it's important to note that ignorance is not a defense in the eyes of the law. Whether you were a fringe player who was unaware of the true operation or a one-time customer, prosecutors will try their best to throw the full weight of the law at you.

Why Should You Choose Snow Legal As Your Human Trafficking Defense Attorney

Human trafficking is a hugely emotive subject and very severe crime. If you've been charged with human trafficking, you could face many years in prison, and the social repercussions could tear your life apart.

At Snow Legal, we can defend you against any human trafficking charges that you may face. Our Charlotte criminal defense lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling high-stakes cases like human trafficking. We can help you build a strong and effective defense against even the most severe charges.

From negotiating a deal with the prosecution, having your charges reduced, securing immunity, or even prevent charges from being filed, we will fight tirelessly to get you the best result.